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Current projects

  1. Ministry of Education grant for RFSoC platform
  2. Temperature sensing in small turbojet engines with metal 3d printed elements

Past projects

  1. Simultaneous temperature and pressure fiber sensor
    1. Konrad Markowski, Piotr Araszkiewicz, Juliusz Bojarczuk, and Krzysztof Perlicki, “High-sensitivity chirped tapered fiber-Bragg-grating-based Fabry–Perot cavity for strain measurements,” Opt. Lett. 45, 2838-2841 (2020)
    2. Konrad Markowski, Piotr Araszkiewicz, Juliusz Bojarczuk, and Tomasz Osuch, “Spectral response analysis of novel tapered fiber Bragg gratings based Fabry-Perot interferometer,” Nov-2018
  2. Fiber wear sensor
    1. Konrad Markowski, Kacper Wojakowski, Ernest Pokropek and Michał Marzęcki, “Numerical and Experimental Performance Analysis of the Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Based Abrasion Sensor for the Maintenance Applications in the Industry 4.0”, January 2020
  3. Study of the self-apodization effect
    1. Juliusz Bojarczuk, Jakub Pęksyk and Konrad Markowski, „Double-sided self-apodization in chirped tapered fiber Bragg gratings”, June 2019
  4. Pressure sensor
    1. Katarzyna Czaplińska, Wiktoria Kondrusik, Piotr Araszkiewicz and Konrad Markowski, „Superstructure FBGs induction through applying of the pressing force”, June 2019
  5. Non standard modulans
    1. Piotr Araszkiewicz, Katarzyna Sopińska and Łukasz Chorchos, „Single carrier PAM-6 O-band transmission”, June 2019
  6. Inscription imperfections
    1. Norbert Niderla, Kacper Murat, Dominik Topyła, Juliusz Bojarczuk and Konrad Markowski, „Analysis of the inscription imperfections and its influence on the Bragg grating spectral responses”, June 2019
  7. Complex structures
    1. Arleta Zarębska, Juliusz Bojarczuk and Konrad Markowski, „Numerical analysis of the spectral response of Fibonacci like phase-shifted fiber Bragg gratings” June 2019
  8. Smog sensing platform
  9. Passive iot location
    1. Piotr Araszkiewicz, Norbert Niderla, Kacper Murat, “Low-budget passive locating system for IoT applications: analysis and implementation,” Proc. SPIE 11581, Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High Energy Physics Experiments 2020, 115811F (14 October 2020);
  10. Drift measuring device
    1. continued by another group