Work perspectives

For the most committed students, there is an opportunity to do an internship at FiberTeam Photonic Solutions. This startup is a strategic partner of our science group. The area of activity is electronics, optoelectronics, photonics, and signal processing. More you … Continue reading “Work perspectives”

New publication in Optics Letters

We would like to announce that the article „High-sensitivity chirped tapered fiber Bragg grating based Fabry-Perot cavity for strain measurements” was published in a scientific journal Optics Letters (IF=3.866 [2018]). The authors of the publication are: Ph. D Konrad Markowski, … Continue reading “New publication in Optics Letters”

Publication success of FiberTeam’s members

Results of the over 1.5 years research work done by FiberTeam members (Konrad Markowski, Kacper Wojakowski, Ernest Pokropek, and Michał Marzęcki) has been finally published in paper called „Numerical and Experimental Performance Analysis of the Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Based … Continue reading “Publication success of FiberTeam’s members”

FiberTeam nominated in StRuNa 2019 award

FiberTeam has been nominated in the StRuNa 2019 award in the category: the debut of the year. StRuNa is an annual event that gathers student research groups from all over Poland, it is interdisciplinary, therefore, there are several categories. Another … Continue reading “FiberTeam nominated in StRuNa 2019 award”

Papers from Wilga have been published

Four post-conference papers related with Wilga 2019 session have been published in the SPIE Proceedings ( Our scientific circle published four papers: Double-sided self-apodization effect in chirped tapered fiber Bragg gratingsAuthor(s): Juliusz Bojarczuk; Jakub Pęksyk Analysis of the inscription imperfections … Continue reading “Papers from Wilga have been published”

Our first session at a conference!

On 1. of June, half of our students’ research group was at a Wilga conference. That day, FiberTeam had its own presentation session during the conference. Our members show their results of months of hard work. There were 6 speeches: … Continue reading “Our first session at a conference!”