Publication success of FiberTeam’s members

Results of the over 1.5 years research work done by FiberTeam members (Konrad Markowski, Kacper Wojakowski, Ernest Pokropek, and Michał Marzęcki) has been finally published in paper called „Numerical and Experimental Performance Analysis of the Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Based Abrasion Sensor for the Maintenance Applications in the Industry 4.0” in the Sensors (MDPI). The work is focused on creating an abrasion sensor with a numerical model and proposing it’s applications. The sensor is made of two chirped fiber Bragg grating, where one is used as a reference so that simple photodetector can be used to determine the level of surface damage. The authors created a numerical model and then they created a sensor in a laboratory. The results are very interesting.

This is the first time when work of FiberTeam’s members was published in the JCR journal. Also, it is not last time, because now, other members are waiting for the publication of new paper in Optics Letters (OSA).

The article is on the Open Access list and can be read on the Sensors website:

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