FiberTeam’s hat trick

On 16. November, the FiberTeam research group have been awarded three times!

Firstly, on Złota Kreda (eng. Golden Chalk) awards, our supervisor – Konrad Markowski received for the first time at WUT, a Złoty Mentor (eng. Golden Mentor). This award is given by students for the best supervisor at the whole University. More information, in Polish, can be found on

In the next part of the evening, during the 3rd Interdisciplinary Academical Science Congress (IKONA), students from the FiberTeam attended to the StRuNa event that is realized under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland. During the final gala, our research group won first place in category debut of the year and also received a distinction in the best mentor category for Konrad Markowski. Relation from the gala and more information about IKONA and StRuNa can be found on a Facebook page:

Photo of our group with prof. Lewenstein from WUT. Ernest is holding the StRuNa statue.
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