Papers from Wilga have been published

Four post-conference papers related with Wilga 2019 session have been published in the SPIE Proceedings ( Our scientific circle published four papers:

  1. Double-sided self-apodization effect in chirped tapered fiber Bragg gratings
    Author(s): Juliusz Bojarczuk; Jakub Pęksyk
  2. Analysis of the inscription imperfections and its influence on the Bragg grating spectral responses
    Author(s): Norbert Niderla; Kacper Murat; Dominik Topyła; Juliusz Bojarczuk
  3. Numerical analysis of the spectral response of Fibonacci-like phase-shifted fiber Bragg gratings
    Author(s): Arleta Zarębska; Juliusz Bojarczuk
  4. Superstructure FBGs induction through applying of the pressing force
    Author(s): Katarzyna Czaplińska; Wiktoria Kondrusik; Piotr Araszkiewicz
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