Introducing new ideas

What brought us today is the second official meeting. Topics, that were discussed, included: upcoming conferences (especially Wilga conference), marketing strategy, projects’ rearrangement, Hackathon, RKN cooperation, official logo and project management applications.

The Chairman of FiberTeam, Juliusz Bojarczuk, delivered insight that inspires action and that we are really excited about.

Piotr Araszkiewicz, Wiktoria Kondrusik, Aleksandra Szczygieł, Michał Marzęcki Msc, Konrad Markowski Ph.D, Julianna Banaś, Arleta Zalewska, Norbert Niderla, Michał Golas, Dominik Topyła, Tomasz Pałka
Arleta Zalewska, Michał Golas, Norbert Niderla, Dominik Topyła, Juliusz Bojarczuk
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