NTech 2018 – international workshops

In November 2018, part of our members attended to NTech 2018 workshops. The workshops were related to Industry 4.0, so FiberTeam extended knowledge of sensors, robots, and innovative production lines.
During the trip to Germany, they visited a lot of tech companies, which showed how they implement Industry 4.0 assumptions. It was a great experience, because now – we know what kind of topics are good to work on. Also, our members have extended knowledge of project management.

First day
On the first day, trip attendees visited Infineon. This company showed the newest products – sensors, cameras and a production line of microprocessors.

Second day
On the second day, FiberTeam members went to the SPS IPC Drives fair. It’s the largest sensors exhibition in Germany. Here, they made some contacts with fiber optics companies.

Third day
On the third day, trip attendees visited two companies: GE Additive and Intel Munich. GE Additive showed the innovative technology of printing metal objects using fiber lasers and special metallic dust. Intel Munich gave a presentation about 5G and the posibilities of using that technology.

Fourth day
On the fourth day, Piotr, Julek, Konrad and Kacper visited Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, where they learned how plasma fusion works and how to get energy from it. After lectures and trip in tokamak’s control room, they went to the German Aerospace Center, where the newest Germany space-related technology were shown.

Last day
On the last day, trip attendees went to IFM company, where whole sensors production process was shown. IFM showed also very interesting devices for testing small components of PCBs.

Julek, Konrad, Kacper and Piotr at the Intel Germany Munich Headquarters
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